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Buying appliances sometimes pinch our pockets when their prices are way over the top. People tend to hesitate a lot while buying appliances and this result in compromising with their needs.

In this fast-growing era, there is no room for comprising in doing chores as we cannot balance work and household chores. Possessing basic appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc are a must. These basic appliances cost half of our salaries which again make us hesitate more about buying it. That’s why people started looking out for Openbox appliances stores offering great deals on refrigerators and many other household appliances.

Why Openbox

Openbox Appliance, basically are the ones with open packages. These are returned products kept for sale which are usually used as floor models in appliances stores. These products are high in demand in the market for discounts. While buying Openbox appliances, you need to be careful while in doing so, as there are still chances of surface damages from the previous owners’ hands.

Though there are discounts for the products, there can be risks of getting damaged goods, so you want to be sure about the prices and the products too.

Openbox Appliance Stores in Surrey

Many go for appliances in Surrey to get the best deals on Openbox appliances. There are several stores to choose from in Surrey city. A few of the appliance stores can give you what you are looking for at a great deal.

New Country Appliances, Western Canada’s largest Scratch, and Dent Dealer at Surrey city can help with you in finding the best Openbox appliances deals from the most reliable brands.

Huge Collections of appliances in Surrey

In case you are looking for Openbox deals on refrigerators in Surrey, New Country might find you the perfect one with the best deals.

They have a huge collection on refrigerators mostly of LG and of course, other appliances like TVs, Dishwashers, etc as they maintain to occupy over 30,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.

A warehouse of a huge collection of home appliances makes New Country claiming to be Canada’s largest Openbox Appliance Outlet.

“Call it a warehouse, A City or a country of Open Box Deals, “- New Appliance Country. With the store claiming to be 12,000 square- feet there are products according to their sections and categories which make it easier for searching for the right one.

There is a website where you the goods are kept in categories for accessories, appliances parts, appliances, cooking appliances, and many more that will help in finding your needed appliance while at home.

To list down on what products they sell, there are Dryer Vent, Fridge Air Filter, Laundry stacking Kits, Refrigerators, Dishwasher, TVs, cooktop, stoves, wall ovens, etc. are some of the appliances you can find in the store.

Openbox appliances at their best conditions

Just because New Country offers you Openbox with deep discounts doesn’t mean customers will get products of much lower quality. The technicians of New Country are one-site certified with 20-30 years of experience each and inspect the Openbox products thoroughly to make sure the appliances are at their best conditions before putting it on the store for sale.

Sometimes open-box items may not have a manufacturer’s warranty but New Country provides customers with a 1-year warranty in-home service for every purchased item. In case something goes wrong with the purchased product New Country sends staff to help customers in repairing and if faced with more complications, they are there to replace it with new ones.

Offers that you can never decline

They offer prices which are almost half of the retail price where you will be able to save up to 60% which is one of the best deals. What will excite you are those Black Friday and weekend offers selling Openbox products at a much lower price than usual.

There are deals on every weekend of appliances and electronics from top brand names with prices for people with tight budgets. During October, there are many events like the Thanks Giving Saving to help you save money while getting the best appliances.

There are a lot of offers, events and still many more to come from the New Country’s side.

“Throughout the year, whether the economy is good or bad, people want to save money. We’re a hidden gem.”- Shiv Garg Owner of New Country Appliances.

Experienced Staffs

For experiencing the best time while shopping, it is important to have customer-friendly and knowledgeable staff, there to help and understand our needs.

To be honest, some staffs intimidate you on buying the kinds of stuff that you are not satisfied with when we walk into a store and these are not what you want.

New Country employs staff, fully informed of the kinds of stuff sold there, and they help you to look for the perfect one.

Their great sense of humor, welcoming body, and their informative skills are what you want to look out for while entering into stores. Overall, the sales staffs make sure that you are satisfied with the products. They put customer’s satisfaction above anything else. The staffs are at their job in receiving complaints and ensuring us to provide the best services. The staff makes sure to connect with the customers providing a great bonding to the Staff- Customers relation.

The sales staff of New Country as they claimed makes no commissions from selling their products which is why New Country can give the best individual experience while shopping.

Why New Country for OpenBox appliances

Known for their staff and great deals for your shopping experience, several dealers visit their stores for finding what they need, New Country has its OpenBox products thoroughly checked with their certified technicians with experience of 20-30 years each.

They started out in 2006, which make them completely well versed in customers with their needs. Those years of experience will help you to find what you are looking for.

With products at low prices, you can choose what you want from the huge collection of appliances ranging from refrigerators, other LG appliances, and many more. They give off great offers and events keeping in mind your budgets. New Country is perfect for those shoppers who hate spending lots on appliances.

If you are ever looking out for the best deals for Openbox appliances, New Country will help you pick out the best and leave you satisfied more than ever. Not only does it offer great services but also deals with top appliances from the best brand names. In case you have any complaints with their product you can reach out, and they are fast at receiving those complaints and providing you the solutions with great results.

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