Money is a precious resource and we have to use this resource wisely. To save money people always keeps on searching sales and discount offers on expensive products as they also don’t want to compromise on quality. One way of saving money and at the same time gaining quality is through buying open-box appliances. The open-box appliances are those products which have some small dents and scratches which are so small that they do not affect the working of the appliances.

As the product got some dents during shipping so they are rejected by big companies rather small stores and local retailers as open-box appliances. It is necessary to know that the open-box appliances are not second hand nor are a part of black marketing. They are just open-box appliances that have some small dents that do not affect the working of the appliances.

The open-box appliances are good in prices and can be brought at very low rates than the original price of the product. The biggest dealer of open-box appliances in Canada is the New Country Appliances. The open box appliances Canada are very famous among customers due to their durability and good prices. The open-box appliances Canada is gaining a lot of popularity as the new country appliances are giving a lot of discount offers on various open-box appliances. From kitchen appliances to electronic appliances all can be brought in the name of open-box appliances but are excellent in function as well as comes at pocket-friendly rates.

The Open-box Appliances Canada’s biggest dealer New Country Appliances

The new country appliances are the biggest seller of open-box appliances in Surrey, in western Canada. And even they are very popular among the people of Canada. The open-box appliances Canada is selling good rate products but are best in quality. The new country appliances were started by MR. Shiv Garg who claims his open-box appliances as the directly factory delivered products which sometimes come in the open-box appliances categories due to their damaged packing but the products do not have any fault.

The open-box appliances Canada is selling at about twenty to thirty per cent of its market prices. The New Country Appliances is a huge warehouse of 10,000 sq. feet and 12,000 sq. feet store in a huge stock of open-box appliances Canada is stored. The reason behind the success of open-box appliances of new country appliances is also their highly educated and talented staffs that always help customers to buy the right product. They never force customers to buy a particular product rather they give all the details of the products accurately. The new country appliances also do not use any false market strategy to appeal to customers. The open-box appliances Canada is making the lives of many people easy and comfortable as well as without compromising on quality a well-branded product can be purchased at reasonable prices.

The various open-box appliances Canada 

The New country appliances are selling the open-box products and are making the lives of thousands of people in Surrey easy by selling these low rates but high-quality products. The open-box appliances Canada are famous for their good rates with long durability of the product. The new country appliances have a huge stock of open-box products. They have around 20,000 sq. feet of open-box products of various types including various household and commercial appliances.

The several open-box appliances Canada features and prices are as follows-

  1. Open-box Appliances Canada Refrigerators – The new country appliances store are selling some of the latest technology and highly efficient refrigerators. These latest model refrigerators of high brands can be purchased at very low rates. 36 inches and 26.5 CU. FT, the four-door refrigerator is coming at $1,199 that is 69 per cent less than the real price. A bottom freezer refrigerator comes at $4,000 which is a much lower price than the market rate. Around 50 to 70 per cent of discount is offered on each open-box refrigerator.
  1. Open-box Appliances Canada cooking appliances – there are various open-box cooking appliances in new country appliances store. There are gas stoves, range hood, microwaves and refrigerators. An open-box electronic induction slide in range oven is coming at $1,699 that is 54 per cent lower than the real price $3,699. A 40 per cent discount is offered on 5 burner slide gas range whereas a 58 per cent discount is offered on the telescopic hood. All these kitchen appliances are excellent in their working but due to some damage in their packaging, they come under the tag of open-box appliances.
  1. Open-box Appliances Canada Air Conditioners – The Canada’s biggest open-box store offers a great deal on various latest technology air conditioners. There are portable air conditioners as well as window and split air conditions too are available. A great discounts offer on portable air conditions. A portable air condition of eco air facility can be purchased at just $459. While a Wi-Fi window air conditioner is coming $269 that is 33 per cent discount is offered on it. A Wi-Fi controllable portable air condition is of $439 which is very good as compared to market rates.
  1. Open-box appliances Canada television – there is numerous type of open-box televisions in this spacious store of Canada, from LED to 4K and OLED all latest televisions are available in this store in Surrey. A LED 65 inches television is coming at $1,399 that is 80 per cent less than its market price of $6,999. They are giving a great deal with exclusive discount offers on their open-box televisions.

Thus,with all these exciting offers on various household appliances and products, the open-box appliances Canada’s New country appliances store are becoming the best dealer for various customers living in and around Surrey. They are captivating people with their fantastic products, great discount offers, and with the high durability of various items. The open-box appliances Canada are becoming very popular among citizens, as well as the people, are also getting the great benefit by buying products that are coming on low rates but are very good in their functioning.

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