Whenever a country’s financial system is unstable the ordinary citizens remain as the worst affected. They have to bear the burden of the extravagant market. In such times people start searching for lucrative means to save their precious money. One such frugal way of not purchasing high rated products without compromising on quality is through buying open-box products. Open-box products are those which have some minor trifling faults or dents that might come in the products while the delivery of the products. Sometimes the products do not get any damaged but only the packaging gets to destroy and thus they become open-box products. But these products neither are not used ones nor are refurbished; they have just rejected products because of such small scratches. Sometimes some customers return their products and these returned items are repaired by the retailers instead of returning to the factories and thus come these repaired items come under the open box products tag. Many huge companies rejected these dented and minor faulted items but some small stores, farms and companies sell these items at a very cheap rate and give discounts of more than 80% on open box items and the product they are selling are well working and is in good condition. One such open box company is ‘New Country Appliances’.

The open box appliances dealers- The new country appliance

The new country appliances are situated in the city of Western Canada in Surrey. This company is the biggest open box appliances store in Surrey and it has extensive merchandise of the dented products. It has twenty thousand square feet of stretch products and appliances and is selling these items at a very reasonable amount. The company provide a huge amount of discount on every scratched and minor faulted items. From 20 to 80% of discount is offered on open box products in this big store of about twelve thousand square feet with twenty thousand square feet of voluminous warehouse. They give not only discounts but also but guarantee the good quality and long life of the product. These stores selling the rejected dented items are sometimes called as the hidden gem of Surrey city. They deal in refrigerators and many more open box items.

The company owner Shiv Garg assures their customers of the quality working condition of the products. Although they are open box appliances, they are in excellent in giving the finest services. The new country appliances give the warranty products and the company’s salesmen never force their customers to buy a particular product rather they give the complete freedom to their customers to choose and decide whatever they wanted to purchase. The company also not use any corrupt market strategies to appeal to customers. These low rated products can be purchased on any day of the year and the store sells these products from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening. Thus, customers in Surrey now don’t have to wait for any sale to purchased low price products as they can buy a good brand appliance at a very low rate at any time of the year.

 Various Products of New country appliances

The new country appliances have an enormous range of about twenty thousand square feet products which include refrigerators, dryers, microwaves, washers, cooking products, portable air conditions, televisions, electric appliances and many more item at a very low price than the original price of the product. About 20-80 % off is offered at all open box appliances in new country appliances. The warranty card too is provided to the customers along with the scratched appliances. The new country appliance deals in refrigerators, washers and dryers and many more electronic and household products.

The new country appliances deal in refrigerators of all ranges and they sell all latest technology branded fridges. They offer about 80% off on all type of refrigerators. A 33 inches French door refrigerator can be brought at $999.0 and a person saves about 62% of the original price of $2,599. A black colour stainless branded refrigerator can be brought at just $1,599 price that is half than the real prices. These open box refrigerators at new country appliances are good in their working condition with the proper cooling facilities. Thus, if a person is looking for a pocket-friendly deal without compromising on quality then these refrigerators are the best for them.

 The open box washers and dryers at new country appliances can be brought at a very low rate. An LG brand CUFT steam washer can be purchased at just $999.0 whereas at $649 an LG feat front opener washer is available at the new country appliances store. Many such exciting deals are offered on such high brand laundry appliances with the latest technology and are in good working condition.The open box washers and dryers of this company works just as similar to the original product.

Many such household appliances are available in the new country appliances on a heavy discount. Thus these products give a great chance for buyers to purchase a branded item as well as the same time to save a huge amount of money also. Not only people in surrey can enjoy these great deal but customers living in any part of the world can contact this scratch products store through its website and a Facebook page. Many international customers to buy these open box products and are giving praiseworthy feedbacks.


In such time of recession and expenses, many people find it difficult it to purchase high price costly appliances from big stores so they look for such items which are good in working condition and is also not costly and such appliances are open box appliances which are less in amount but bet in work. The new county appliances are one such company which deals in open box rejected products and they sell everything from washers to televisions at a reasonable price. The companies like new country appliances are opening doors for many low-income families who can’t afford to buy expensive items and thus can satisfy their demands with these open box low price products. The new country appliances companies are not only giving low price items but are also selling the rejected items, thus saving the wastage of these products.

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