Markets are full of a variety of products. Some products in markets are costly while others can be bought at affordable rates, some are of big brands while others are of local quality, some has the tagline of being trendy while other come under old fashioned category with time. Thus, the market is flooded with different range of products and appliances. One such special category is open-box products. The open box appliances are those products which do not come under the fresh new products nor come under the second-handed used products. These are different kind of products that are fine in their look and work and appear exactly as new products but have some small negligible defect that comes while delivering and transporting. They are selling these dented products at a much cheaper price than the real cost of the product. Sometimes the deformity is very minor and even some products do not have any blemishes but they are open box appliances because their packaging is removed or is destroyed. At many times some customers returned their purchased products due to some fault then if the retailer repair that product accurately just like the branded new item, this repaired product is also considered as open-box products. These just like new products come at a discounted rate than that of the original one. Thus, if a person wants to safe his money and doesn’t want to compromise on the quality, then open box products will be the best choice.

The appliances store in Surrey- the new country appliances

A company new country appliance in Surrey, British Columbia, is one of the biggest dealers of the scratched open-box products. The new country appliances offer open-box products that are dented items which are just like new, at very cheap rates. About 60-80% discounts are given on these scratched products which are not used or revamp but have just a damaged package or sometimes some minor defaults. This appliances store in Surrey of dented but branded appliances in the city of Canada is open on all 7 days of the week. The new country appliances were started by Shiv Garg and he claims his company as the hidden gem of surrey.

The features of the new country appliances store

All the products of the new country appliances are open box although their products have some minor faults and scratch these open box items are directly factory delivered products and they got some dents while shipping. MR. Shiv claims that even some appliances do not have any marks and faults but as their packing in damage so they got the tag of faulted products. By buying these dented product huge savings can be made as the customer is buying just a new product but at just about 20-30% of the real price. About 60% of the money can be saved. This is a big deal for those who waited the end of the season to buy cheap or sale products but the new country appliances do not let the customers wait as they always, in all seasons, and all days of the year, keep their doors open for their customers to buy products at reasonable and cheap rates.

The new country appliances are the biggest open box appliances seller in all of Western Canada and have the largest stock of scratched products. Not only a high amount of products but its store too is one of the biggest stories in the whole of Surrey city. This appliances store in Surrey have twenty thousand square feet of open-box products stored in a large spacious warehouse of ten thousand square feet and a store of twelve thousand square foot.

The appliances store in surrey, the new country appliances, gives their Scratched products not only at a discounted rate but also with the warranty card. As they are selling their customers branded and just new like products, so they also give their customers assurance of the durability of the products. One of the most appreciable qualities of the new country appliances is that they are selling their items with full honesty and they do not force their customers to buy a particular product and they do not use any black market tack-ticks to attract customers. They sell the products not to earn profit or commission but are giving products for the comfort of the buyers. They let the customers to decide what they want and not force anyone to buy anything until they are fully satisfied. Thus, the open-box appliances in Surrey can be brought safely from new country appliances.

Prices of various appliances at new country appliances

The new country appliances are not doing black marketing as they are just selling rejected appliances at discounted rates. If a customer is looking for a branded 33-inch refrigerator with French door and enormous cooling facility then at new country appliances store, it will come at just $999.0 with 62% discount on its original price of $2,599. Such a big discount is offered on this open box refrigerator and many more such discounted fridges are available on this store. With 50% off on the original price of an open box, OTR Microwave with 400 CFM can be purchased at just $399.00 from the new country appliances store and is perfect in its working. About from 25-50 % off on open box air conditioners is offered in this fascinating scratched products store. About 58% off is offered on griddle plate cooking appliance, 40 % off on the cooking gas burners is given and more such good conditioned cooking appliances, dishwashers, televisions etc., can be purchased at a very low rate from this appliances store


Thus, if someone is looking for open box appliances in Surrey, then the new country appliances will be the finest store for them. This store is the biggest dealer of open box appliances in western Canada and is offering good quality, branded, proper in working condition along with the warranty of the products. They are not doing black marketing and are selling open box appliances at much cheaper prices than any other store in the whole of Surrey. They are providing these products without any false marketing strategy and thus this company is gaining a lot of love from its customers.

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