You must be wondering that the process of refrigeration must have begun since the industrial revolution period, but that’s not true. The processes of refrigeration and storing in the refrigerators have been since 1000 B.C and were first used by the Chinese. Back then technology hadn’t even taken birth, but the Chinese used to cut and store the ice.

After many years down the lane, the Indian Egyptians and other civilizations began to use different methods of storing ice. They would fill water in an earthenware kind of pots and would leave it out during the cold winter nights. In the 18th century, to store the ice for a long period the Europeans began to add salt in the ice so that it would be available for many months. Soon they even started exporting the stored ice to other places as well. In 1720, William Cullen discovered the concept of mechanical evaporation. As the years passed by and different revolutions started taking place, by the period of the industrial revolution, 1820-1840, the development of refrigerators also started taking place as the technology developed.

What are a refrigerator and its purpose?

A refrigerator I cool storage unit, wherein you can store food so that it is not exposed to the bacteria and gets spoiled. The process of refrigeration slows down the process of the bacteria to spoil the food. For example, you plan on having your friends over and plan on preparing for a pizza night with them, but due to some reason, your friends cancel on you the last minute and your food is already. You obviously cannot throw away the food, so you decide to keep it inside the refrigerator. Now when you keep the food inside the refrigerator it gets difficult for the bacteria to reach out to the food and spoil it, whereas if you leave the pizzas out on the kitchen slab the entire night, it will catch bacteria sooner and within a few hours your pizza will just go into a waste. At least the food stored in the refrigerator can be heated up and eaten the next day as well. And sometime the food tastes better the next day.

Now that we have learned the history and purpose of a refrigerator, let us look into some of the features and functioning of refrigerators and check out on the Deals of Refrigerator.

Before we begin with our refrigerator hunting, we need to note that the price range between each of the following models differ as every model will not be similar to one and another even though the basic functioning of all of them is the same. As technology has developed over the years, the production, as well as manufacturing of every field, has changed and been made simpler and easier for humans, especially related to electronics and mechanisms.

What are the features of a refrigerator?

Every refrigerator consists of basic features:


Racks to store bottles

Egg tray

Crisper drawers


These are the most definite features; one will find in a refrigerator.

Different kind of refrigerators:

  • Single Door Refrigerators:

 Now when you look forward to purchasing a single door refrigerator, you will find minimum but yet sufficient features in it, and the price range would also differ based on the brand you opt for. You will also find many Deals on Refrigerator based on your budget. The price range for a single door refrigerator ranges between Rs. 2000 to Rs 20,000 as the brand as well as the model plays a very significant role. You will find Deals on Refrigerator of your choice if the demand at that time in the market is low or maybe during the sale season. A single door refrigerator is quite a useful investment for a bachelor or a nuclear family and it does not take too much space.

  • Double Door Refrigerators:

If you want to opt for a double side door refrigerator, then you will find spacious and maximum features. This is ideal for those who have a big family and are looking ahead on getting a fancy and big refrigerator. These also consist of the basic feature but here the person gets to adjust the shelves, which one might or might not be able to do in a single door refrigerator. You will find various models and brands with good Deals on Refrigerator in the market. Many people prefer having a big refrigerator for their storage purposes as her you can adjust without forcefully stuffing your food or bottles and the space between each shelf is big enough to fit in at least 3-4 bottles.

The price ranges from Rs.6000 to more than Rs. 20,000 depending on the model and brand you want to go for, you should note that there are brands who have Deals on Refrigerator even though the other similar refrigerators in the store won’t be having a sale.

  • Smart Refrigerators:

As the technology has developed and the demand for refrigerators has also increased, to stay in the competition brands have come up with various newly designed models and as today everything is operated by the touch of a button. The refrigerators are also being designed in similar ways. They come with a child-lock feature; you can control the temperature on your smartphones or tablets. These are the new famous household appliances trending in the market. It comes with great space as well. The price range for the models falls between Rs. 20,000 to more than a lakh depending on the model and the brand you plan on purchasing it from. These are very expensive but ae good for the long run.

When we compare an online purchase to an on-store purchase the Deals on Refrigerator varies a lot. You will find sales and discounts on both. I would recommend you to make an on- store purchase not only due to the Deals on Refrigerator but also because you will get an idea of how big/ small the refrigerator is going to and how much space it is going to take.

Personal tip, try buying a refrigerator during the festive season as that will get you a great Deals on Refrigerator.

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