The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Household Appliances

We all are aware of the fact that technology started gaining a boost during the industrial revolution era. The period between 1820- 1840, was the period of the industrial revolution which spread from the European countries to the rest of the world. The development and use of machinery were at its peak. But, this does not mean people had difficulty in leading their lives before this period, it was just that since the industrial revolution, people found it easier to work as now the man-power was being replaced by machinery.

Even though the industrial revolution ended by 1840s it played a huge impact on the entire world as it replaced the handwork with machinery, especially when the second wave of the industrial revolution in the late 19th and early 20th Century, hit the world it consisted of an entirely different set of industries, it started including of electronics, automobiles and steel industries. as the years have passed by, the industries also started seeing development as the demand increased and also because the development of technology also started taking place which improved the machinery.

Today, the lights, refrigerators, air-conditioners, cars, and other vehicles and many other electronic appliances which we have been using are actually because of the industrial revolution and colonialism which took place during the 20th century.

As technology has improved over the years, the electronic household machines like our television, laptops, air conditioners, fan, etc., have also improved along with that. Today we find a variety of refrigerator, lights, washing machines, dishwashers, and many other such types of machinery in the market.

How have Electric Household Appliances developed over the years?

As technology has developed it has made all of our lives easier as now there are many machines which a person can use to save their time and energy. The Open Box Washer and Dryer is an example of the development.

Open Box Washer and Dryer:

In 1767, Jacob Christian Schaffer introduced the world with a washing machine, many years down the lane Nathaniel Briggs got the first licensed washing machine. The washing machine was modelled with a tank consisting of hot water which would squeeze the clothes in between the two rollers by turning the lever.

The concept of an Open Box Washer and Dryer has been for a long time. Back then, people used to wash their clothes by the fast streams of water, and then further they started washing it in the tanks of their own homes. As the industrial revolution took place, it made a lot of changes and developments. Later, there were many easy to use models of the Open Box Washer and Dryer. According to my finding, it almost took 210 years to invent the first electronic washing machine which means around 2007 we began using the washing machine, and I think ever since then it has made it the life of so many families easier. They are like the old models but with a few new and aesthetic features on it.

Features of an Open Box Washer and Dryer:

The basic features of an Open Box Washer and Dryer that you will find in every model are:

  • Wash and dry mode
  • Timer
  • Quick wash
  • Capacity
  • Extra Rinse
  • Easy to iron
  • Child lock

These listed features exist in any kind of an Open Box Washer and Dryer.

While buying an Open Box Washer and Dryer, one should also note that it makes a lot of noise during the process. When one plans on purchasing an Open Box Washer and Dryer they should look into a few important factors as well:

  • The model
  • Features and how beneficial is it
  • Warranty
  • Speed
  • Minimal damage

 Benefits of using an Open Box Washer and Dryer:

  • Front-load
  • High efficiency
  • Top loaders
  • Comparable in price
  • Easy to use
  • Non-time consuming

What are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Box Washer and Dryer?

Before we plan on purchasing any kind of a household appliance, we always decide to see whether or not that machine is going to be useful for us or not, whether will it be a long time investment or for a short time. There are many such things one needs to decide before buying any appliance or necessity.

We have prepared a list to help you and make your decisions easier.

Advantage of buying an Open Box Washer and Dryer:

  • They include of large capacity which will allow you to wash your comforter easily
  • They use a lesser amount of water compared to the other washing machines
  • The dryer is installed on the top of the washer which does not take up too much space
  • Looks fancier compared to other washing machines, and does not require too much of manpower
  • It performs very well and does not spoil the fabric of your cloth.

Disadvantages of buying an Open Box Washer and Dryer:

  • It takes a lot of bending to load and unload your clothing, difficult for those with a back problem
  • Have larger exterior dimensions than top loaders
  • Adding too much detergent or stuffing too many clothes at once can lead to the poor performance of the machine very soon
  • It has a loud vibration sound which you cannot fix.

Based on most of the reviews that I have come across regarding the Open Box Washer and Dryer, I realized this is a good long-time investment, which will function perfectly if used properly. The price ranges between Rs 5000 to almost a lakh or maybe more depending on the model and brand you opt for. Buying an Open Box Washer and Dryer might seem expensive to some but it is a good long period investment which helps you in saving a lot of your time and energy as well. You can either go to your preferred store to purchase one or check it out online. But personally, it is better to check it in the store so that you learn about all its features and functioning and can get a better picture of the Open Box Washer and Dryer.

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