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In this hectic world, people look for techniques with lesser time-consuming, energy, and effort in delivering effective outcomes. Appliances play a huge role in doing so. When we say appliances, what comes into our mind are those mind intriguing, fascinating appliances which tremendously and effortlessly become a helping friend while doing household chores.

If you are in Canada and you are looking for a very good and sustainable appliance, things can be pretty hard as there are numerous Appliance stores. Many people like house owners, landlords, builders, interior designers, dealers, come all the way for getting Appliance in Surrey for the best deals with the best price.

‘A Hidden Gem’ in Surrey

New Country Appliance, Western Canada’s largest Scratch, and Dent Dealer, located at Surrey and Langley, cities of British Columbia, Canada, and their headquarter in Surrey, can provide you with the appliances from the most reliable brands.

They aim to give you the best deals of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, TVs, and other Home Appliances with great offers you could never decline. They have been in business offering the best deals on scratch and dent products for over 14 years.

Those years are self-explanatory on how much experience they have to help you find the best appliances at a low price they can offer while understanding your needs. That’s why New Country is indeed a Hidden Gem in Surrey City as they claimed to be.

Gratifying services from the Surrey store

Known for their customer-friendly and knowledgeable staff, they will help you find the appliances just what you are looking for. New Country gives the customers a 1-year warranty in-home service which is not the original manufacture warranty. Products are brought from top brands on sale for almost half the regular retail prices.

If anything goes wrong with a purchased appliance, New Country will leave no stones unturned to help you with the difficulties by providing repairing services or replacing the appliance with a new one. In case of any complaints, their staff reaches out to those complaints as fast as possible.

Best Appliance Store in Surrey Offers with the Best deals

Products are bought from the original manufacture to sell at a great reduction from the retail price. To point out how much, they give you products with a 40% discount from the actual price.

Being in the business for more than 14 years, they know what is best and understand what the customer needs. These are all the basics, the best thing about New Country Appliances are their Black Fridays and their weekend offers with prices much lower than usual.

For shoppers who hesitate to give a huge amount of money on appliances, the New Country store is the winning bet.

Appliance Collection

A 12,000 square-feet store and another 10,000 square feet of warehouse space with a huge collection of appliances, New Country Appliances is the largest scratch and dent appliance store in Surrey. From LG appliances to TVs you will get the best deals but also the services, as New Country being one of the few stores to do so in town.

Even though the store offers scratch and dent products, you will find the products in their best shapes. If not, the staffs are there to help.

You will find a huge range of appliances mostly from LG be it refrigerators, dishwashers, TVs, washing machines, etc. If you are on a hunt for good refrigerators or TVs, drop by New Country to get the products at a pocket-friendly price.

In the store, you will see the products according to their sections and categories which makes it easier for searching for the right one. In case, you feel lazy to go out, visit their website where you will find categories for accessories, appliances parts, appliances, cooking appliances, and many more.

Dryer Vent, Fridge Air Filter, Laundry stacking Kits, Refrigerators, Dishwasher, TVs, cook top, stoves, wall ovens, etc. are some of the appliances you can find in the store. There are still many more to list down on what products they sell.

“Having over 20,000 square feet of product, you can just imagine it.”- Shiv Garg, the owner of New Country.

Aim for the Satisfaction of the customers

Sometimes when we walk into a store we are pressurized into buying the stuff without even liking by their staff. The sales staff at New Country as they claimed makes no commission and won’t pressurize customers into buying a product.

Moreover, the staffs do well at their job in receiving complaints and ensuring us to provide the best services. The staff makes sure to connect with the customers providing a great bonding to the Staff- Customers relation.

With the experience of staff, they are well versed in understanding the customer’s needs and satisfying them with their great sense of humor, hospitality, and of course with their ability to enlighten them on buying what they are looking for. If these traits are unable to satisfy customers then what will.

“Check me out before you make a decision. I want you to touch and feel the product before you buy it.”- Shiv Garg the owner of New Country.

New Country one of the best Appliance Store in Surrey

A great number of dealers visit them for their scratch and dent products and here’s why

  1. They provide you the best deals for your appliance.
  2. The products in the New Country Appliances are pocket friendly.
  3. They sell products at way lower prices from the actual retail price. For shoppers who hesitate to give a huge amount of money on appliances, the New Country store is the winning bet.
  4. The staffs are customer-friendly, knowledgeable, well versed in understanding our needs and informing you about the products to help you get the best appliance.
  5. New Country offers you a 1-year warranty in-home service for appliances purchased.
  6. A huge collection of appliances in a 12,000 square-feet store and another 10,000 square feet of warehouse space.
  7. Their products ranging from LG appliances to TVs.
  8. Great offers like the Black Friday and Weekend offers with prices much lesser than usual.
  9. A Website where you will find categories for accessories, appliances parts, appliances, cooking appliances, and many more. Making shopping a much easier job on this platform.
  10. Being one of the few stores for repair services in Surrey.

“Anyone interested in purchasing from my company can come to visit my warehouse, pick out every single piece that you want to purchase and get it loaded in person. I have nothing to hide”- Shiv Garg, Owner of New Country Appliances.

When you are trying to find appliances in Surrey make sure you visit New Country Appliances as the store claims to give appliances at the best deal. The Appliance store in Surrey gives you offers which will put a broad smile on your face. Happy Shopping!

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